Dob Brook Close, Manchester

This high quality, site responsive residential development of 24 affordable homes for The Guinness Partnership, re-enforces the sense of place by addressing each distinctly different aspect of the site differently, making a strong connection to the surrounding residential community.

Awards: Northern Housing Award 2023 (Best Affordable Housing)

By creatively addressing both the contrasting formal street scene of Dob Brook Close and the south facing Rochdale Canal, a strong identity and architectural character was developed. The stacked apartments (optimising density) , each with their own front door, minimises service charges (by removing common areas), whilst

Stacking duplex apartments over single storey units brought considerable benefits to the development including:

  • Doubling the density for this area of the site without compromising quality of the homes or the space around them
  • High quality private amenity space for each apartment in the form of front gardens and roof terraces.
  • Service charges designed out with no costly lifts or shared stairs/corridors required.
  • High quality homes to Manchester City Council space standards (above national floor area guidance).
  • Own front door access engendered a sense of pride and community with the resident=

Client: The Guinness Partnership
Contractor: PLP Construction


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