House in East Devon

House in East DevonHouse in East DevonHouse in East Devon

Private Client

East Devon

5 Bedroom Private Residence located in East Devon.

Inspired from nature - the house is a representation of the ‘Fibonacci Spiral’ in both plan and section: The result visually, has multiple interpretations such as the shell of a snail or a curled up snake. The external materiality centres on incorporating photovoltaic unit panels into a ‘mixed media’ cladding system so as to lower their visual impact.

Form driven by sustainability strategy. Integrated greenhouse along the facade acts like a trombe wall to passively heat and cool the building. Basic 3D computer model developed to carry out solar analysis tests within site constraints to evaluate solar gains.

Developing a narrative: The Fibonacci spiral pattern is applied to the section and plan to convey a concept of growth and nature. The Phi ratio is represented in the composition of the principal elevation. The programme of accommodation is refined to work within the overall forms.

Materiality: Photovoltaics are incorporated into the building skin in a mixed-media panel system to reduce their visual impact. Precedence study of the Spanish Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo inspires the colour palette and overall appearance. Test perspectives developed to gain overall feel of appearance.

Development focuses on reducing scale of the scheme and refining appearance of the mixed media panel system. A 3D computer model of the skin is produced to evaluate and understand the complex geometry and refine the aesthetic.

To be featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs with anticipated completion by the end of 2016.