Elmridge Primary School

Elmridge Primary SchoolElmridge Primary SchoolElmridge Primary School

Elmridge Primary School

Hale, Manchester

SDA Consulting - QS
S.I. Sealy Associates Ltd – M&E
Atkinson Peck Ltd – Structures

Main Contractor:
CSC Construction Ltd

The Practice was appointed to extend and redevelop the school’s existing staff room facilities, to cater for the growing staff numbers, which could then also provide flexibility in use, encourage greater social interaction and act as a new ‘heart’ for the school as a whole.

The scheme utilises an existing external courtyard space to provide new kitchen and dining facilities. This area is visually enhanced with a sloping feature wall and ceiling plane which peels away from the surrounding flat roof area to harness the benefits of north facing natural daylight and assisted natural ventilation.

The new frontage of this space will become an active façade onto the entrance corridor. The feature sloping wall is expressed here alongside panels of clear and frosted glass to provide depth beyond the physical width of the corridor, whilst achieving a partially obscured visual link with the staff accommodation and allowing borrowed natural daylight to penetrate the corridor. Display boxes and TV will give this elevation life and colour.

A staff preparation area is formed as a new build extension which also doubles up as a further informal teaching space.

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