Hopes Carr, Stockport

Hopes Carr, StockportHopes Carr, StockportHopes Carr, Stockport

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Stockport, Cheshire

Curtins Consulting - Structures
Sinclair Knight Merz – Infrastructure & Environmental
TPM Landscapes

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The Hopes Carr area has been identified by Stockport Council and the developer as a site that is in need of revitalization. Its regeneration serves as a model for future development through the creation of an attractive, self-sustaining, safe environment for living, working and recreation, close to the town centre.

The Site is challenging given that it is characterized by historical street patterns, major changes in levels, extensive areas of uncultivated landscape and a variety and scale of building, some of which relate to the industrial heritage of the area.

Early consideration was given to forging appropriate links to the important adjoining thoroughfares through the creation of a major public space at the North West edge which would act as a conduit between the busy junction at Hillgate, and new recreation spaces within the development. Public routes are maintained in the historical street patterns and through the introduction of a large water feature which echoes the former reservoir. A green route has been introduced overlooked by a variety of residential accommodation.

The Urban village proposals include for a diverse and sustainable mix incorporating Residential, Offices, Ancillary Shops/Cafes, Small Business Workshops, Underground and Surface Parking and a variety of amenity areas.

Phase 1 delivers 48 Apartments and two Commercial units, a new public space and undercroft car park.

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