Transporter Bridge

Transporter BridgeTransporter BridgeTransporter BridgeTransporter Bridge

Stockton & Middlesbrough Council


Gardiner & Theobald – QS
Arup – Structures & M&E

We were commissioned to propose a design which will improve access to the bridge and allow access onto the upper walkway level of the bridge as a viewing platform. Essentially, this involves the installation of lifts, safety improvements and provision of access ways onto the base of the lifts. The lifts are of high quality in terms of design with glass elements and the structure and movements exposed to view. The scale of these elements is by the very nature, small in relation to the existing bridge.

In addition the proposals involve an enhancement to the existing gondola. The proposal is for a contemporary and modern re-design of the bridge gondola in glass and steel to improve the access, viewing and protection for passengers.

The gondola is based on a three tiered approach, with a maintenance deck, a gentle curved canopy that spans the full width of the gondola, with the car deck and pedestrian cabins below.

The enclosure of the upper walkway consists of a partial height tensioned mesh spanning between upper and lower cables strung between a series of supporting hoops. Independent mesh panels are tensioned between continuous upper and lower border cables and between side-rails fixed to hoop supports.